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Getting cash delivered direct to your door sounds too good to be true, but if you take out a doorstep loan, your local agent will deliver your loan in cash direct to your door. These simple cash loans are available to just about everyone regardless of circumstances, and you can even get a doorstep loan if you are unemployed or on benefits.

Doorstep loan lenders specialise in lending to people who are unable to get credit elsewhere, so if you have CCJs or poor credit they will probably still be able to help. Most doorstep lenders are able to lend up to £500 which can be repaid over up to a year. Some doorstep loan lenders also offer other products such as shopping vouchers and preloaded visa cards.

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Some people confuse doorstep loans with loan sharks - but doorstep loan lenders are reputable licensed companies who act professionally and courteously. Unlike loans from unlicensed lenders, the repayments on your loan are fixed - and the amount of the loan and the amount you will have to pay back is clearly indicated on the paperwork. Your repayments are spread over 20 - 52 weeks and each week the agent will call at your door to collect your payment in cash.

Arranging your loan is easy. Most lenders allow you to apply online - this only takes a few seconds and a decision is often available then and there. The next step is for the local loan agent to contact you - usually the same day as lenders understand you need your money quickly. They will then make an arrangement to visit you at home to give you all the details about the loan and if you decide to proceed then they will fill in the paperwork with you.

Your loan is then paid to you in cash direct to your door. Most people in the UK will qualify for this sort of a loan - you do not need to be employed, be a homeowner or have a perfect credit history. So long as you can afford the repayments - which are usually £2-£10 per week depending on how much you borrow, it is very likely that you will be accepted.

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