Benefits of a Payday Cash Advance

Short-Term Lending and the Key Benefits of Payday Loans

For consumers who find themselves facing bounced check fees or late payment penalties for overdue bills, payday loans are a short-term solution that can help them cover their expenses and protect their credit rating. Everyone is familiar with unexpected expenses: your car needs repairs, your roof leaks. Maybe you got a bill from the doctor that's more than you planned on or suddenly it's time to pay your car registration again. Some months you paycheck just doesn't cover your bills. You can't delay addressing these problems, but you might not have the money to cover these costs until you get your next paycheck. So, what are your options?

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Payday loans are a short-term credit option that can help you meet emergency financial needs and provide cash, right away. You may not be able to wait until your next paycheck and need a quick loan to avoid getting into real financial trouble. Fixing your temporary cash flow problem by getting a payday advance could be much cheaper than taking out a advance on your credit card (if it's even an option), much faster than applying for a short term bank loan, and much less complicated than trying to convince a family member to lend you some cash.

One of the biggest benefits of a payday loan is the quick turnaround. In most cases you can get the loan approved and have the money in your bank account in as little as 24 hours. There's no waiting for the bank to process a lengthy application. Keep in mind that you'll have to pay interest and it's only a SHORT-TERM loan, but it will let you cover your immediate expenses and buy you time until your next payday, when you'll have to repay the loan.

Another reason a payday loan might be the way to go is that the application is simple and it's also easy to qualify. You might not even have to leave your home - many companies will let you apply online. You just need to prove that you are employed and have a steady income, that you have a checking account in good standing, and that you earn a minimum monthly income, usually around $1000.

Payday loans are often called "bad credit loans," and this is another reason it might be an option for you. Your credit history is not an issue (it is with the bank!), and the only thing that's important is that you can prove you're employed and have a reliable source of income. In fact, a payday loan could actually help you maintain your credit by allowing you to pay your bills on time. In addition to preserving your credit, it can also be cheaper to pay the interest on a payday loan than pay late fees for missed payments on your accounts.

Once you've established yourself as a reliable payday loan customer, it's likely that you'll be approved for a larger loan amount if you need to borrow again in the future. Paying the loan back is simple: when you get your next paycheck, you can pay in cash, make a credit card payment, or arrange for it to be electronically debited from your checking account.

Remember that a payday loan is exactly that - a loan - and you'll be responsible for paying it back. But if you suddenly find that one month you owe more than you'll earn, a payday loan can be a real lifesaver. You can save time, save your credit and save the hassle of trying to figure out how to cover your unexpected expenses with a fast and easy payday loan.

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